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Stressing out about the ideal event date?

Here are some tips to pick the perfect day to walk down the aisle. Symbolism How romantic would it be to marry on the date you first met, on the day you officially became a couple or on your grandparents’ anniversary?You may not be able to marry on the exact day you want—the venue you […]

Staffing Guidelines and Tips

For your convenience we propose certain staffing guidelines and some details to help you with. Buffet Style: This does not mean serve yourself! If you plan to have a buffet style event, please keep in mind, that each buffet station requires a minimum of two servers for the first thirty (30) guests to set up, […]

Choosing the Right Tent for Your Event

If you are considering an outdoor event then you need to spend some time choosing the right tent for your event. 1.The ceiling is the up most importance. If you event is during the day make sure the top of the tent is not clear, because without a ceiling it can raise the temperature by […]