Choosing the Right Tent for Your Event

If you are considering an outdoor event then you need to spend some time choosing the right tent for your event. 1.The ceiling is the up most importance. If you event is during the day make sure the top of the tent is not clear, because without a ceiling it can raise the temperature by 20% as vinyl used in the ceilings will absorb heat. 2. Make sure there are heaters or air conditioning available for your guests. There are several options so you need to go for the one that suits your tent. If you have a clear top, the ceiling fans attached to the walls are a better choice. 3. Flooring will depend of the theme. Parquet Wood, Black or White and Black Checkerboard. If the surface below is even plastic tiles may also be used to create a  more classic or vintage look. You also need to ensure that the entire floor is properly covered with a carpet or AstroTurf. 4.If you want a brightly lit and well illuminated event, then you need to go in for a tent that is minimalist in nature. On the other hand, if you want minimal lighting, go in for a tent that is slightly more elaborate.

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