Staffing Guidelines and Tips

For your convenience we propose certain staffing guidelines and some details to help you with. Buffet Style: This does not mean serve yourself! If you plan to have a buffet style event, please keep in mind, that each buffet station requires a minimum of two servers for the first thirty (30) guests to set up, refill and break down of stations. For hosting a large gathering, runners (servers) will also be necessary to ensure that food and dishes at the buffet stations are properly stocked. More staff may be needed depending on the needs of your buffet. Buffet contains chafing dishes and serving your guests is required; a minimum of one server is needed for every three chafing dishes. For seat down tables; one server per table is required for using chinaware with glassware. One server is needed for every 2 tables when using plastic ware. You need staff to keep everything running smoothly, you do not want your guests waiting a long time to get a servers attention for assistance! Sit Down Dinner: For the guests sitting down and having dinner, you will require a minimum of one server per 8-12 seat tables. To serve wine, water or juices to your guests, additional wait staff may be required. Bartenders: A minimum of one bartender is required for every 50 to 70 guests. Additional bartenders may be needed for following reasons: - to serve mixed, blended or special drinks - for high volume of guests in a short period of time. Please keep in mind that this is a very general set of standard staffing guidelines. The guidelines described here may not fit your particular event and staffing requirements. It may vary depending on your needs. We figure out the proper number of staffers needed based on accurate information provided to us.

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